Best Card Machine for Pubs

Best Card Machine for Pubs have just spent three weeks being messed about by a number of PDQ Companies to find the best card machine for pubs PDQ Machines new account, these FAQ’s have been upgraded to take into account the change in charges. We sincerely hope that this will help the unwary, the change in hidden costs are worth reading, an article in the Morning Advertiser explains the benefits of using one in your venue.


FAQ’s, The Smoke and Mirrors of the PDQ Industry


Q. Do I have to get a PDQ machine from my Business Account Bank?

A. Most definitely not, shop around for the best card machine for pubs deal, your bank will try and impose a high rate if you are new to the business, if you have experience, you can negotiate, but many banks have a take it or leave it approach.

Q. Do I need to open an account with the Bank providing the PDQ machine?

A. No, but it does pay to have a second bank account with a different bank, especially one that only has money coming in to it, say with the PDQ payments. If you have trouble on your business account, it is easy to switch over to one that is normally well in credit. try setting up a second bank account in tough times, it’s very difficult.

Q. How do I know that I have the best card machine for pubs deal?

A. You don’t, once upon a time it was easy, the headline rate on credit cards was the best deal, the only variation was the cost of installing the PDQ Machine, not any more, the installation charge can vary from free to £150. The hidden costs by some companies are frightening.

Q. What are these costs for the best card machine for pubs?

A. Some companies make a separate charge for every transaction, however big or small. Installation Charges, they send you a machine and you read the instructions and install it, the fees vary enormously, depending on your turnover. With the increased use of Debit Cards over Credit Cards, they make a fixed charge for Debit Cards and a percentage for Credit Cards, you need to identify the proportions of Debit Card to Credit Card use and vice versa, you may have a good rate on either and the other will be much higher, they both must be worked out in proportion of your business, this is not possible with a new account, if you are switching look at your existing account details. American Express, Commercial Cards and cards where the holder gets cash back for usage, tend to be expensive, you need to watch these costs.

Q. Is there any simple test that I can do to identify these overall costs collectively?

A. Possibly the simplest way is to ask each company for the overall costs for a turnover of £100K, £250K, and £500K, based on 60% Debit Card and 40% Credit Card and vice versa. If you know from previous accounts the proportion expenditure on either card, this makes a considerable difference.

Q. The variation on percentage charges appears very small 1.13% – 2.85%, is it worth wasting time to get the lowest rate?

A. Yes get the best rate that you can, for example, your turnover through thr PDQ Machine is £400K per annum. At 2.85% that represents interest charges of £11.4 K. At 1.13% on £400K that represents interest charges of £4.52K, this makes a NET saving of £6.88K per annum. For every .5% that you save on £400K, it represents a net saving of £2,000.00 or £500.00 per £100K of turnover, if the business is based largely on Credit Cards, if not you have to look at the different options. It is sadly a lot of Smoke and Mirrors.

Q. What happens if the PDQ Machine goes down.

A. Ensure that you use a company that has 24/7 backup cover at all times, if they can’t guarantee it. don’t use them, however tempting the terms are.

Q. How long does it take for the money to reach my account?

A. A minimum of thee working days, though it can take five or six days, it normally transfers the days takings at a given time during the night, the in due course to your account linked to the PDQ Machine.

Q. What happens if I unknowingly accept a stolen card?

A. Provided that you have complied with all the reasonable security checks that the Company ask you to follow, normally it costs you nothing. If you are the least bit suspicious about a possible fraud tell the card user that you have to ring the card company for clearance, they will give you instructions or clearance to proceed.

Q. Are the percentage rates charged the same for all cards?

A. No, they vary between different cards, debit cards are different to conventional credit cards, American Express can vary and in some cases will not be accepted, you need to check the difference with the PDQ Machine supplier. Normally the greatest usage is with conventional credit cards, Visa, Master Card etc.

Note:- Using a Credit Card Machine (PDQ) is a far safer way to trade, it keeps your cash levels down on the premises, in the event of robbery and ensures large payments are accepted safely.

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