Insurance for Public Houses from Professional Indemnity to Employers’ Liability, insurance is an important and Legal aspect for any Public House yet often missed.

As every landlord, pub owner and bar manager will tell you, pubs carry risks for everybody involved – from staff to the owner, and customers to the house next door. With Innspired Insurance for public houses you can build a policy that takes care of the risks. Even if you’re forced to close temporarily, there’s cover available to tide you over. Whether you work on your own or employ people, it’s quick, quality cover, all in one policy.

Innspired can introduce you to the best business insurance specialists in the UK for Public Houses.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your business specialises in giving advice, there will always be the occasional dissatisfied customer. Well what if that customer is so annoyed that they decide to sue? Professional Indemnity protects you from having to pay out for specialist solicitors, and even pays any compensation you are charged for.

Public liability insurance

Public Liability insurance makes sure that any accidents to a person or property does not result in a hefty pay out. Depending on the industry, location and size of your business, the Public Liability insurance cover you need is best tailored to your specific business needs.

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Employers’ liability insurance

If your business has one or more employees you are legally obliged to have Employers’ Liability insurance. That means for all the time you don’t have the insurance, you could be charged a fine.

Any accidents which occur in the office or during working hours could leave you vulnerable to any employee action being taken.

Office and property insurance

Your office furniture and equipment are important assets for your business. Imagine coming in one morning to find that all of your computers have been stolen, would you be able to work as affectively as you would usually work? What about if there was a fire? Office and property insurance covers any damages, replacements and any unforeseen (and hopefully rare) events affecting your ability to work at the same pace as you usually do.

Not sure what Insurance you need?

The team at Innspired will ensure you receive the knowledge and advice necessary in order to protect your business against any potential threat of lawsuits or damage by putting you in touch with insurance experts who deliver comprehensive Insurance for public Houses .

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